Cream Making Whatsapp Training (Beginner/Intermediate)

Below are the course outline for the online class

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to skincare : the skin as an organ
  2. How to determine skin types, their characteristics and care
  3. Basic equipments and materials in skincare production
  4. Introduction to carrier and essential oils
  5. Comedogenic and non Comedogenic oil
  6. PH testing and Stability
  7. Understanding and Identifying skincare ingredients
  8. Classification of ingredients used in skincare products and their measurements
  9. Using preservatives in skincare products and it’s importance
  10. Difference between brightening, lightening and whitening products
  11. How to make base cream from the scratch
  12. Hot coco body butter
  13. Lavender Body butter
  14. kojic lightening body butter
  15. Skin repair body butter
  16. Glow body butter
  17. Shimmering gold glow body oil
  18. Flawless Lightening body lotion
  19. Lightening black soap
  20. Jasmine kid’s body lotion
  21. Jasmine kid’s black soap
  22. Collagen Whitening Body Lotion
  23. Brightening face cream
  24. Fruity fusion black soap
  25. Rhasoul clay exfoliating face soap
  26. Lip scrub
  27. Salva face polish
  28. Pink Lips balm
  29. Acne face wash
  30. Acne face mask
  31. Emusified Strawberry Scrub
  32. Soothing face mist
  33. Oshaprapra Snow white Soap
  34. Oshaprapra Snow white Cream
  35. Goddess 7x whitening black soap
  36. Goddess 7x extra whitening black soap
  37. Flawless lightening soap
  38. Halfcast black soap
  39. Halfcast lotion
  40. Intense whitening lotion
  41. Goddess 7x whitening face cream
  42. Goddess 7x extra whitening face cream
  43. Caramel body lotion
  44. Caramel face cream
  45. Brightening and glowing black soap
  46. Goddess 7x whitening scrub
  47. Goddess 7x extra whitening scrub
  48. Dark knuckle complete kits
  49. Stretch marks complete kits
  50. Moroccan sets
  51. Activated charcoal peel off mask
  52. Facial spot kits
  53. Sunburn kits

And many more……

Bonus : Scented candle, how to make detergent, sanitizer, air freshener etc.


Normal fee ~25,000~
Promo fee : N10000

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